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Regular version of the site

Newsletter “ESForum”

Established in 2006.  Published in Russian

By-monthly, 5 issues per year (October, December, February, April, June).

Available both in paper and on-line formats.

On-line version is available at http://soc.hse.ru/ecsoclab/newsletter

Supervisor - Prof. Vadim Radaev (the Head of Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology).

Editorial board

Zoya Kotelnikova, research fellow of Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology.

Elena Berdysheva, junior research assistant of Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology.

The title “ESForum” has two meanings.

First, in Latin  a notion of “forum” implies “market”.

Second, in contemporary meaning “forum” means a place for communication on equal terms (in our case, communication among students, teachers and researchers engaged in economic sociology).

The credo of ESForum is “Life as a research enteprise”.

ESForum rubrications:

1.“Meeting”: interviews, biographies, biographic essays and everything of the kind .

2.“Learning”: useful materials in economic sociology and sociology of markets. There are translations, book reviews, scientific essays written by students or researchers, accounts about the Lab seminars and so on.

3.“Studying”: a lot of information about HSE Sociological department life. There are results of local studies and experiments, answers on questions related to training process on the Department.

4.“Enjoying” is a comic one. There are funny stories, tales and jokes on the economic sociology.

Contributors are recruited mainly from the HSE students, teachers and the LSES members .


Office: Kochnovsky proezd. 3. room 403,

Phone: +7(499)152-07-61 or+7-915-202-73-34,

E-mail: kotelnikova@hse.ru or eberdysheva@hse.ru

ESForum is funded by the National Research University Higher School of Economics.


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