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Laboratory for Studies in Economic sociology

Social Architectonics of Market Prices: Basic Principles of Russian Consumer Price Perception (A Moscow Case Study)

Berdysheva E., Romanova R.

Problems of Economic Transition, USA. 2017. Vol. 59. No. 4. P. 239-264 .

Book chapter
Central Asian Racisms In print

Zakharov N., Law I., Shmidt Maya.

In bk.: Post-Soviet Racisms. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

Working paper
Agenda-Setting in Russian Media

Kazun A. D.

Political Science. PS. Высшая школа экономики, 2017. No. WP BRP 49/PS/2017.

Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology (LSES) was established at the Higher School of Economics in 2006. The key objective of the Laboratory is the stimulation of economic and sociological research; a more active implementation of their results in the educational process; helping the integration of the professional community of economic sociologists as well as reinforcing it among young researchers and teachers; involving the high achieving students in research and teaching.

New Issue: Journal of Economic Sociology (vol. 18, no 1, 2017)

Dear colleagues,
We are glad to inform you that the 82th issue of Journal of Economic Sociology (vol. 18, no 1, 2017) has been published.

New issue of Journal of Economic Sociology (vol. 17, no 4, 2016)

81th issue of Journal of Economic Sociology (vol. 17, no 4, 2016) has been published.


New article by professor Vadim Radaev!

Radaev, V. 2016. Divergent drinking patterns and factors affecting homemade alcohol consumption (the case of Russia) // International Journal of Drug Policy. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.drugpo.2016.04.016

Who is in Charge of Family Finances in the Russian Two-earner Households? New Article by Dilyara Ibragimova and Alya Guseva in Journal of Family Issues

Using a recent representative survey and supplemental interviews, authors investigate household money management and domestic power dynamics  in contemporary Russian two-partner families. 

Journal of Economic Sociology - New Issue (Vo.17. No.1. 2016)

78th issue of Journal of Economic Sociology has been published. In this issue:

-interview with Thomas Piketty: “One can Push History Out but It Immediately Comes in through the Window”;

-new text by Vadim Radaev, Relational Exchange and the Degree of Embeddedness: An Empirical Study of Supply Chains;

-book review by Daniel Shestakov, On Inequality of Outcomes.  On: Piketty Т. (2015) Kapital v XXI veke [Capital in the Twenty-First Century], Moscow: Ad Marginem Press (in Russian); 

-book review by Greg Yudin, Debt Books and a Book on Debts. Book Review on Graeber D. (2014) Dolg: pervye 5000 let istorii [Debt: First 5000 Years], Moscow: Ad Marginem Press (in Russian); tr. from: Graeber D. (2011) Debt: First 5000 Years. Brooklyn, New York: Melville House;

-and other texts.

Journal of Economic Sociology’s website: http://ecsoc.hse.ru/en/ 

Collusion and Corruption: an Experimental Study of Russian Police. New Working Paper by A. Belianin and L. Kosals!

LSES and Web of Science!

Electronic Journal "Economic Sociology" published by Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology has been included into the Russian Science Citation Index launched on the Web of Science platform! 

LSES' projects got included Top 15. HSE's Most Interesting Research in 2015

Opec.ru  announced the list of the most impressive and fruiful  HSE studies in social sciences in year 2015.  "The Russian-speaking Freelance Marketplace in 2009 to 2014" by Denis Strebkov, Andrey Shevchuk, Marina Spirina and "Collusion and corruption: an experimental study of Russian police" by Alexis Belianin and Leonid Kosals have met the list.

Journal of Economic Sociology - New Issue (vol. 16, no 5, 2015)

77th issue of Journal of Economic Sociology has been published. In this issue:

- An Interview with Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier "Market Mechanism and Consumer Choice"

-New text by Zabaev I. V., Zueva A. V., Koloshenko Y. A. "Humility and The Gift: The Elective Affinity of Institutions and Ethics in Orthodox Parishes"

-Book Review by Gudova E. A. “All Power to the Imagination!”: A Leftist Critique of Bureaucratic Violence,Technologies and Rationality" On: Graeber D. 2015. The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity,and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy. New York: Melville House

- and other materials.

Journal of Economic Sociology’s website: http://ecsoc.hse.ru/en/   

Lecture by Thomas Piketty, a famous French economist

On November 26, Thomas Piketty, a famous French economist, delivered a lecture at HSE and presented the Russian edition of his best-selling book Capital in the Twenty-First Century. The event was organized by HSE Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology and Moscow Centre for Franco-Russian Research (Centre d’études franco-russe de Moscou - CEFR) with the support of French Embassy in Russia and French Institute (Institut Français).

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